Book Review: Black Robe Regiment by Linwood Sprouse

Black Robe Regiment by Linwood Sprouse
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Quite the word here
But you could use a lot of help in the copy-editing department. I noted quite a few misspelled and misused words throughout the manuscript. The message and the call are both good but could have been better represented

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There is an attack on the Constitution and Bill of Rights unprecedented in history. The radical left is controlled by Marxists and those who destroy the freedom of Worship and liberty to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. America stands as the single resilient force preventing Globalism from absolute dominion of the nations of the earth. The Black Robe Regiment are preachers who must pray for the boldness to speak out against this tyranny, asking God to empower them with the boldness and anointing for a demonstration of power and authority in the Kingdom of God and the earth.



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