Book Review: The Route That Takes You Home by Melanie Lageschulte

Mailbox Mysteries Book 1

The Route That Takes You Home by Melanie Lageschulte
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Rural Iowa mailboxes
Nice start to a new series. I’m in rural Iowa again. Kate is a mail carrier back home after a messy divorce. Settling n to her old routine felt like going backward, but there was more to it now. Follow Kate as she settles into Eagle River as a mail carrier, homeowner, and pet lover.

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All she needs is a fresh start. Can she find it in a familiar place?

It’s been a rough year for Kate Duncan, both on and off the job. Being a mail carrier puts her in close proximity to her customers, with consequences that can’t always be foreseen. So when a position opens at her hometown post office, she decides to put Chicago in her rearview mirror.

What follows is a summer filled with change. Kate and her cat settle into a charming apartment above Eagle River’s historic Main Street, but she dreams of a different home to call her own. And when she volunteers for the annual sweet corn festival, she finds her footing in the community.

As she drives the back roads around Eagle River, Kate begins to take a personal interest in the people on her route. So when an elderly resident goes missing, she feels compelled to help track him down. It’s a quest marked not by miles of gravel, but matters of the heart: friendship, family, and the small connections that add up to a well-lived life. Don’t miss this new series by the author of the heartwarming “Growing Season” novels!

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