Book Review: The Stones, the crows, the grass, the moon by Walter Kirn

Missing Series

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon by Walter Kirn

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A wonderful look at spirituality especially of the Native American type. I don’t commonly subscribe to such as this but the story did a good job of getting into the author’s head. Why did he procrastinate so long about marrying his girlfriend? She was clearly a kindred spirit.

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The New York Times bestselling author of Up in the Air and Blood Will Out embarks on a journey that begins with the death of his beloved mother—and ends in an inexplicable spiritual awakening.

After the utter grief of taking his mother off life support, Walter Kirn is compelled to understand his recurring visions of a Native American holy site. With his children and girlfriend, he follows them. In opening himself up to the mysticism he sees in religion, music, and nature, Walter discovers something magical and transcendent: solidarity and solace in the world around him.

Walter Kirn’s The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is part of Missing, a collection of six true stories about finding, restoring, or accepting the losses that define our lives—from the mysterious to the inspiring. Each story can be read—or listened to—in a single sitting.

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