Book Review: Sent away by Brenda Maxfield

Sent Away by Brenda Maxfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
All is well
Two people with a doomed relationship meet and see the hurt in each other. This is the start of something beautiful. I know the author has more Hollybrook in her. God-centered and romantic too!

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Ruth Schwartz never planned on falling in love with an Englischer. But then she meets Jack Wilson—handsome, intriguing, kind. She even finds herself willing to give up her Amish roots for him. When her parents find out, they promptly ship her off to Hollybrook to stay with her cousin. Ruth despairs of going, but she writes Jack so he can come and take her away.

But something goes awry. Not only does Jack not come to rescue her, he doesn’t write her back. Certain something horrible has happened, Ruth makes plans to sneak back to her hometown.

In the meantime, she meets Jesse Slagel, her cousin’s mysterious new neighbor. Ruth feels a strange pull toward him, but she resists. She still believes Jack is coming for her. And also, this Jesse person is hiding something.

When Ruth discovers Jesse’s secret, it changes everything. Facing what she and Jesse have in common, Ruth must make a decision—one that has surprising consequences.

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