Book Review: Amish Harvest Mayhem by Samantha Price

Amish Bonnet Sisters 21

Amish Harvest Mayhem by Samantha Price
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Baby Crazy
Two more were born and two more were on the way. This was a good book with a good share of God-driven messages. Happy to see things moving along

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The bonnet sisters are back!

The Baker/Bruner household has a permanent addition to their family—cousin Debbie. 

Debbie has found a way to fit in with the bonnet sisters and their blended family. Although, she’d rather have a very different life and secretly hopes she won’t be there forever. 

Could the man she rejected be the answer to her future? Or will he only add to her long list of disappointments?

The harvest is hard work in itself, but does Ada need to make it more challenging by bringing her annoying nephew to visit?

More worrying than that is how quiet Krystal has been these last weeks. 

With her new friend in tow, Cherish sets out to investigate. 

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