Book Review: The Abandoned Baby’s Amish Miracle by Mary Lantz

The Abandoned Baby’s Amish Miracle by Mary Lantz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOPE not ashamed
A wonderful story about a foundling that found the right family and the right home. I like Mercy’s handling of the busybody demanding the child go to child services. The bishop liked it too. Pick it up today for a quick pick me up read.

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An Abandoned Baby. An Angry Town. A Desperate Situation. Mercy Was Stuck In The Middle.

Mercy Chupp arrives at Kate’s Kitchen, the diner, where she works, and is shocked to discover an abandoned baby in a cardboard box. With no indication of where the baby has come from or why it has been it forsaken Mercy is asked to foster the child. Happily single, she none the less feels a surge of protective love toward the little babe and agrees to foster it temporarily.

A frequent customer at Kate’s KitchenTanner Bontrager is the most eligible bachelor in town. When he notices the way that Mercy is caring for the baby, his interest is piqued and he resolves to get to know her better, hopeful that once the baby is adopted she will consider courting him. But while working in a town away from the community, he learns some disturbing news which he must break to Mercy.

As news of the baby travels and gossip of the baby’s origins begins to infiltrate the small community, Mercy finds herself the focus of outrageous accusations, and efforts are made to ensure the safety of the community. Mercy must stand her ground to defy those that she cares about, and trust in God to lead her way, and Tanner must face his own inner demons and make a choice.

Will Mercy have the strength to stand against those she loves in the face of their judgments and do what she knows to be right? Will Tanner side with Mercy against the community and trust that God will lead them. Or will fears and prejudices keep Mercy and Tanner from finding the love that God is leading them to? Find out in this sweet romance from Mary Lantz

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