Book Review: A Charming Amish Man by Mary Lantz

A Charming Amish Man by Mary Lantz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shame on him
I’m happy it all worked out in the end but that good-looking Amish boy was not at all honorable until his girlfriend was attacked by an ex-interest that couldn’t stand to lose. Still, Abe ended up with Rosemary as she intended. So all is well by the end.

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Abe was charming, romantic, and everything Rosemary wanted in her future husband. But once Rumspringa ended, everything changed.

Rosemary Mast fell in love with Abe Lambright at first sight. He is everything she has ever dreamed of in a husband. When Rumspringa ends, and they agreed to keep in touch, Rosemary is deliriously happy, and believes that Abe will make her his wife.

Abe, has a charmers heart. He knows he will settle down to a regular Amish life and he thinks that Rosemary maybe the one, but in order to know for sure he must consider several others too. Otherwise, how could he possibly know for sure?

As Rosemary and Abe continue to see each other, Rosemary is certain that Abe will ask for her hand soon, but when a newcomer arrives in town revealing shocking secrets about Abe, Rosemary is devastated by his deception. As more duplicities unfold Rosemary is caught up in a vicious situation and her safety is endangered. Rosemary is forced to confront an ugly truth.

Rosemary is shattered. Is Abe the man he claims to be or was loving Abe just a horrible mistake? Can Abe leave the ways of his youth behind and be the man he needs to be for God and for Rosemary? Or will he lose the love of his life forever? Find out in this sweet Amish romance by Mary Lantz.

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