Book Review: The Haughty Amish Woman by Mary Lantz

The Haughty Amish Woman by Mary Lantz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Pride goes before

Well, at least it all ended well. I had the haughty pegged from the beguine and it just seemed to get worse. I am happy that Ethan had the maturity to call her on her error, but God saw to the deliverance huh?

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Lydia King is highly accomplished, beautiful and haughty. She intends to wed the most eligible bachelor in town. That is, until a impoverished newcomer comes to town.

Lydia King is an accomplished Amish woman, whose skills in quilting attract tourists into her community. But when a impoverished family come to town, Lydia is appalled. A family such as this, will ruin the reputation of the Amish for this touristy mecca.

Ethan Zook is a respected clock maker in town and plans to marry Lydia King. When the Weaver family arrive in their community, he gives freely of his time and befriends the family. But when Lydia has a falling out with her closest friend, over the nature of the new family and their daughter Miriam, Ethan is shocked and bewildered.

As Lydia continues her campaign against the neediest family in the community, Ethan is propelled to action and makes a devastating decision. Now Lydia is forced to watch her life crumble around her.

As she comes to terms with what her actions have wrought, Lydia understands she must change. But soon she discovers, it is too little too late and her world is truly undone.

Can Lydia do anything at all to save what is left of her once charmed life? Can Ethan ever forgive Lydia for the damage she has caused? Or has Lydia lost Ethan the chance for his love forever?. Find out in this sweet Amish romance from Mary Lantz.

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