Book Review: Can We Trust the Gospels?


Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter J. Williams

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I still don’t like calling a defense of Christianity as Apologetics but I get the label. This is a great book defending the gospels using the gospels. The author is an editor at Tyndale House so I trust his sources, his faith, and the work he presents.

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Is there evidence to believe the Gospels?

The Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – are four accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings while on earth. But should we accept them as historically accurate? What evidence is there that the recorded events actually happened? 

Presenting a case for the historical reliability of the Gospels, New Testament scholar Peter Williams examines evidence from non-Christian sources, assesses how accurately the four biblical accounts reflect the cultural context of their day, compares different accounts of the same events, and looks at how these texts were handed down throughout the centuries. Everyone from the skeptic to the scholar will find powerful arguments in favor of trusting the Gospels as trustworthy accounts of Jesus’ earthly life.

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2 Comments on “Book Review: Can We Trust the Gospels?

  1. The entirety was written many centuries ago. The basis of civilization as we know it today is written in many vocabularies. Many words were lost in time. Tragically man disputes page after page. Words change with emphasis. History is what it is. Words give us a rationale for times passing. Each word is grasped like stone. Reading is to learn about places, happiness, and happenings. Reading words without learned knowledge of the event is merely explaining the millions of pens with quills. Each hand interpretation is found within the mind, thoughts, and visions of many men. Comprehensive works today are still not produced in holy bibles. It beggars the assumption that one human has ever lived long enough to debate the greatest narrative book ever composed by the hands of intellectuals. How many times do we give attention to humans that claim to retain even a miracle to apprehend the brilliance of each author? God knows best. Amen ✨ Thank Peter for open 👐 the Platform. Reading is a gift from God amen 🙌

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