Faith’s Checkbook

October 19
Regulated Chastisement
I will correct thee in measure. (Jeremiah 30:11)

To be left uncorrected would be a fatal sign: it would prove that the Lord had said, “He is given unto
idols, let him alone.” God grant that such may never be our portion! Uninterrupted prosperity is a thing
to cause fear and trembling. As many as God tenderly loves He rebukes and chastens: those for
whom He has no esteem He allows to fatten themselves without fear, like bullocks for the slaughter. It
is in love that our heavenly Father uses the rod upon His children.
Yet see, the correction is in measure”: He gives us love without measure but chastisement “in
measure.” As under the old law no Israelite could receive more than the “forty stripes save one,”
which ensured careful counting and limited suffering; so is it with each afflicted member of the
household of faith-every stroke is counted. It is the measure of wisdom, the measure of sympathy, the
measure of love, by which our chastisement is regulated. Far be it from us to rebel against
appointments so divine. Lord, if Thou standest by to measure the bitter drops into my cup, it is for me
cheerfully to take that cup from Thy hand and drink according to Thy directions, saying, “Thy will be


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