Book Review: Anchor Points: Essays in Apostolic Apologetics by David K Bernard

Anchor Points: Essays in Apostolic Apologetics by David K Bernard

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Apostolic Apologetics?
I was talking to my pastor after church one day and I told him that I had been reading a couple of books about Apologetics, but I had a problem with one that continually relied on creeds and such, not the Bible. He recommended this book from our fellowship UPCI and I found it to be well grounded, biblical, and insightful. The source material for the book is predominantly from UPCI publications but all are Bible based and well sourced.

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Securing a ship to a dock requires several mooring lines, or anchor points. Spiritually speaking, these anchor points represent the essential beliefs to which we secure our lives as well as the personal experiences that confirm these beliefs. In this series of essays David K. Bernard reexamines core Christian beliefs through the branch of theology termed “apologetics,” or a defense of the faith. In doing so, these essays counter the tides of postmodernism and relativism while addressing pressing issues of our time. Questions that are addressed include:

• How do we know what is true?
• Why should we believe in God?
• How should we interpret the Bible?
• Why should we follow the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality?
• How should the church address racism?
• How should the church address multiculturalism?
• Why is there suffering?



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