Book Review: The Sunday Singing by Hannah Schrock

The Sunday Singing by Hannah Schrock

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Singing as we go

A nice little story with community and family dynamics. She was so frustrated she almost ran off with the Englisher! I believe God intervened there and sent her home. Thanks for another quick look at Amish living.

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Anna loved attending the Sunday Singings, but she could never accept the invitation that came after one.

Anna had lost her beloved father. With that, she had also somehow come under the unreasonable rule of her brother, Jacob. All the townsfolk knew of Jacob’s way of treating any bachelor showing even the slightest interest in his sister, Anna.

When Jacob was rude to Eli after Anna had accepted only one invitation from him to take a buggy ride after the Sunday Singing, Anna had to resign herself to the fact that she would never have a relationship with Eli. She doubted she would ever have a chance at a husband and a family of her own at all.

Could Anna make her brother understand the mistakes he was making? Would Eli persevere when most men would give up? Would sweet music evolve into sweet love?

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