Book Review: Black Deuce by Stan D Jensen

Black Deuce by Stan D. Jensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Champion indeed
I really enjoyed this story that predates the First Time Starters Novella Series. I like how the author moves the story along and fleshed out the characters without detracting from the main thing which was the training and development of an undefeated Champion. This horse made a lot of people a lot of money but also affected positively the lives of the humans around him. Great job!

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Haunted by the memory of a murdered father, Sam Jack struggles with a failing marriage and a failing career as a thoroughbred trainer. Enter Emily Brandt. Driven to near madness over losing her husband and son in a devastating barn fire, Emily involves Sam in an intricate plot to save her farm that begins the day her lone-surviving broodmare gives birth. Enter Black Deuce. And enter jockeys and grooms. Enter mob bookmakers and gamblers. Enter horse owners, racetrack officials, and an extraordinary number of other characters who join to tell the story of a racehorse and a man determined not to give up his dream.

In Black Deuce, Stan D. Jensen uses his intimate knowledge of horse racing to tell an exciting, tension-filled story, a story in which good and evil engage in their eternal duel to the sound of thundering hooves.

“I loved this book! The author nailed it! You speak to a racehorse through your hands!” ~Randy Meier, Chicago Hall of Fame jockey

“After over forty years in racing, I can say the author has left no stone unturned, he tells his story dark side and all, and in a meticulously detailed way, even the layman can understand. Great writing!” ~Charles Chiple, Clerk of Scales Hawthorne Racecourse

About the Author:

Stan D. Jensen received his bachelor’s degree in history and his master’s degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa. He has owned racehorses and spent the 1980s as a jockey’s agent. His short stories have been published in the magazine “The Backstretch.” Black Deuce is his third novel. Mr. Jensen lives in Clinton, Iowa, and continues to write.

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