Book Review: Distant Horizons by J N Chaney

Backyard Starship Book 6

Distant Horizon by J.N. Chaney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Space…the final frontier
I just enjoy these books even when the technology makes no sense. But a junkyard dog in space where they had heard about ghosts really got me going. Most of all I enjoyed the “truly aware” when faced with facts they didn’t believe. But Van Continues his adventures and I keep reading them.

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The Universe is a bloody mess. Time to put on your cleaning gloves.

During a routine arrest, Van discovers a stolen spacecraft, its importance far greater than it first appears. Fast, sleek, and beautiful, the ship is a cultural relic from Linulla’s people, and returning their property will set off a chain of events that reveals a new adversary.

Rising in the ranks, Van’s confrontation with a pirate leader isn’t just a case of theft, but something far more sinister.

And Van’s going to take this case personally.

He and his crew will chase the Salt Thieves and their leader in a game that can only have one winner.

Will Van rise to the challenge? Can Icky control her temper? Will Perry make Icky wear pants?

The answer is more complicated than it seems.

And far more dangerous, for that matter, than anything Van has ever done before. But he’s got a new edge on the Moonsword, a new rank, and a new crew as he takes his Dragon to the stars with one thing in mind…


The #1 bestselling science fiction series of the year returns for its sixth entry with Distant Horizons. If you’re a fan of classic adventure stories, relatable humor, and a hero that refuses to quit, you’ll love the Backyard Starship series.



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