Book Review: Ethan’s Peach Tree by Stan D Jensen

Ethan’s Peach Tree by Stan D. Jensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

powerful story
I appreciate the author’s knowledge of history and his ability to give life to the story. I also appreciate that animals are frequently featured characters in these tales as Yorktown was the general’s mount until he died in battle. I’ve seldom seen the Civil War treated with so much dignity.

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On the battlefields of the Civil War, the instincts of a warrior are awakened in an Iowa farm boy. “There is no tougher man on the field of fight,” General Sherman says of this Iowan, and Nathan Chambers rises to the rank of Brigadier General.

It’s during the savagery of Sherman’s March to the Sea, that Nathan’s little brother comes to visit him at the front. It’s Ethan who moves Nathan to remember that life is more than bugle calls, long marches, and bloody battles. It’s Ethan who reawakens in Nathan his love for the green fields of home. “Ethan’s Peach Tree” is a glimpse into the lives of those men who followed the flag into the smoke and flame of the Civil War, and in the final pages, “Ethan’s Peach Tree” is a poignant reminder that war inevitably claims innocence as a casualty.

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