Faith’s Checkbook

February 24
Hear So as to Be Heard
If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.
(John 15:7)

Note well that we must hear Jesus speak if we expect Him to hear us speak. If we have no ear for
Christ, He will have no ear for us. In proportion as we hear we shall be heard.
Moreover, what is heard must remain, must live in us, and must abide in our character as a force and
a power. We must receive the truths which Jesus taught, the precepts which He issued, and the
movements of His Spirit within us; or we shall have no power at the Mercy Seat.
Suppose our Lord’s words to be received and to abide in us, what a boundless field of privilege is
opened up to us! We are to have our will in prayer because we have already surrendered our will to
the Lord’s command. Thus Elijah trained to handle the keys of heaven and lock or loose the
clouds. One such man is worth a thousand common Christians. Do we humbly desire to be
intercessors for the church and the world, and like Luther to be able to have what we will of the Lord?
Then we must bow our ear to the voice of the Well-beloved, treasure up His words, and carefully
obey them. He has a need to “hearken diligently” and would pray effectually.


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