Book Review: Dillon by Linda Ford

Circle A Cowboys Book 1

Dillon by Linda Ford
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God bless them
What a great start to a new series in the Canadian West. I appreciate that God figured prominently in this story. Do I think it weird that Abby and Dillon were taken in by Slick McCall? (Wonderful name for a bad guy by the way). Anyway thanks for a good start on the series.

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Dillon Brown has learned to guard his heart.
A former girlfriend’s unfaithfulness left him emotionally battered. A friend robbed him of everything but his life. Still wary of the way others have treated him, he has no intention of going along with his matchmaking boss’s plans to find him a wife.

Abigail Thompson is alone. Broke. Homeless. And about to have a baby.
She’s been duped by a slick-talking charmer and is now pregnant with no ring on her finger. Posing as a widow, she flees west, intending to start over. Stranded when she runs out of funds, she is rescued by the owner of the Circle A Ranch and offered a job… and maybe more. Abigail is not interested in marrying one of the cowboys on the ranch. She only wants a safe place for herself and the baby.

Dillon is drawn to this young woman and her determination to provide her unborn child with a good life. His kindness and compassion make Abigail think there are still good men in the world. Will the truth about the baby’s father make their growing attraction impossible? Most of all, can Dillon and Abigail learn to forgive and trust?

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