Today’s Theme Song: Who

Artist: Newsboys album: Shine The Hits

How you gonna reckon with a God like this?
When you gonna face what you can't dismiss?
Whatcha gonna say to the...soul kiss that is my God?
Fearsome like the sag in a fat man's chair?
Sweeter than a patch of Rogaine hair?
How do you define what you can't compare?
This God 
And there's no use explaining what can't be contained


I'm not following a God I can lead around
I can't tame this deity
That's why Jesus is the final answer
To who I want my God to be
He's who (I want my God to be)

How you gonna reckon with a God this great?
Why you wanna measure what you can't equate?
Whatcha gonna say to the...check mate that is my God 
Stronger than the burn of an aftershave?
Tender as a burger in your microwave
Rarer than the air in an empty grave
This God 
And there's no use explaining 
What can't be contained 


How we gonna work this out? 
To fabricate a God like this no doubt
We'd end up worshipping a Christ
Of our own design 
But Jesus doesn't fit that profile
His ways aren't mine

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