Book Review: Cowboy Finding Love by Jessie Gussman

Cowboy-finding-love”                                                                “Cowboy Finding Love (Coming Home to North Dakota, #4)”



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One thing after another

Can Gladys overcome the loss of her parents, find love and marry before her 25th birthday to gain her grandmother’s inheritance? Can a long-time friend and mechanic Silas guide her over the rough patches and find that love was there all along? Another good God-centered story is about coping with modern life.
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Serious and quiet, Silas hardly seems like the kind of man who would be out drag racing in the wee hours of the night.

Unwilling heir of her family’s multimillion-dollar ranching operation, Gladys Lefrak is a daredevil who vows to never settle down. And she loves drag racing – with Silas beside her.

But her twenty-fifth birthday is fast approaching and the conditions of her inheritance state that she must be married by that date.

Her parents have paraded a line of perfectly acceptable, Ivy League educated – and boring – candidates before her, and even a cowboy or two – with degrees. But her heart longs for the steady hand, deep character, and calm confidence of the mechanic who has shown her a good time and kept her safe, and always gives her something deep to think about.

Maybe he’s right and it’s time for her to grow up.

A terrible tragedy strikes and Gladys has some decisions to make, but she’s not about to drive off into the night without the one person who has never steered her wrong.

Can she convince her cowboy dreams are better when they’re shared?

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