Book Review: A Christmas Sleigh Ride Home by Sarah Miller/ Irene Glick

A Christmas Sleigh Ride Home (The Amish Quilting Circle #3)

A Christmas Sleigh Ride Home


My rating: 5 stars
Opening with sibling rivalry; 2 sisters think they love the same guy, but he barely acknowledges either of them. The girl’s father has an accident with his buggy that gets taken to Stephen’s shop that he took over when his father passed. Long story short, elder sister is impressed, then smitten, then loved by Stephen including a Christmas
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The ladies of Faith’s Creek’s Quilting Circle will have to work hard this Christmas if they’re to pair Martha Kuhn’s with the right man.

Martha and her sister Amanda have fallen for Jacob Frey. Their affections are causing discord in the family and preventing them from seeing his many faults. With love in the air, they can’t see the possibilities in front of them.

Stephen Groh is a successful young man with a bright future ahead of him. He enjoys fixing buggies and has feelings for Martha. Will the rumor mill have him running away from a future with her?

A terrible accident brings Martha and Amanda together but will it change their outlook on the future? Will Martha open her heart to the right man?

Can the Quilting Circle work its magic and bring Martha and Stephen together, or will they both be too stubborn to see the truth in front of them?

Will love to be in the air this Christmas?


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