Book Review: Cowboy Dreaming Alone by Jessie Gussman

Cowboy Dreaming Alone (Coming Home to North Dakota, #5)

Cowboy Dreaming Alone

Jessie Gussman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In sickness and in health

The ladies of the quilting circle are at it again, but they sure didn’t know that Nolt would find Shasta unconscious on her floor, but it did set up the whole journey right there, didn’t it? Come along once again to North Dakota and heat up the cold spots.

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A good deed. A tragic accident. Two people who come together to help each other. Could this be the end of their dreams alone?

When she develops pneumonia, Shasta Bingley can’t believe how the town of Sweet Water comes together to take care of her. Especially Nolt Powers, who not only pays her rent but sits up with her through the worst of her sickness so she’s not alone.

Although she loves the town of Sweet Water, Shasta has to leave, since her job as a painter can’t support her in such a small town.

Then an unthinkable accident happens and Nolt needs help.

Shasta owes him and stays to care for him, knowing she has a job waiting for her in New York.

When it’s time to leave, can she say goodbye to the man she’s come to love?

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