Book Review: The Lost Amish Woman by Mary Lantz

“The Lost Amish Woman”


The Lost Amish Woman

Mary Lantz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Indeed God’s hand

I felt bad for Malinda from the start and I was pleased to see how it all worked out. Malinda’s father had mismanaged a lot of things and thought to clear his debts by marrying off his daughter to an older man (I’ve seen that play out before). Running away she loses her memory due to an accident. She doesn’t even know her name but Jacob tends her and takes her home. You’ll need to download it to read the rest.
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A Hit and Run Accident. Memories Lost. And an Amish Woman Afraid To Remember.

In a blind moment of panic Malinda Ebersole runs from the man her father betrothed her to, and runs from her closed Amish community. Unprepared for the world beyond their fences, she meets with a horrifying accident that takes her memory.

Jacob Lambright is dismayed to discover a young woman laying crumpled on the road, dressed in wedding attire, dazed and confused. Diagnosed by the local doctor as suffering from concussion and amnesia, she is brought into the Lambright home to recuperate.

Given the name of ‘Hope’, the young woman settles into the Lambright family and it is clear that she and Jacob are developing tender feelings, but Jacob has obligations to another, and Malinda is suffering disturbing flashbacks.

As Malinda’s memory begins to return, she must face the harsh truth about her inevitable future and Jacob must make a decision about his own.

Can Malinda obey the will of God and do what is required of her, even if it breaks her heart?

Can Jacob break the heart of another to be true to his own? Is the chance for love between two young hearts forever lost?
Find out in the clean and wholesome romance from Mary Lantz

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