Book Review: Cowboy Rescuing Me by Jessie Gussman

                                                                                                              Cowboy Rescuing Me (Coming Home to North Dakota, #6

Cowboy Rescuing Me

Jessie Gussman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Schoolgirl crush works out  The matchmaking Piece Makers are at it again but are now using subterfuge to get two people connected. Coleman knew Sadie as the kid sister of his best friend. But she gave him a ring and asked him to wait for her to grow up and guess what happens? He wears the ring around his neck and never looks for love. The PieceMakers enlist Sadie to help them push Peyton and Coleman together when they are actually putting Sadie and Coleman together finally. It works out well and the matchmakers are moving on to, well, you’ll have to get the next book like I do don’t you?
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Could the matchmakers be wrong?

Sadie Powers has crushed on her brother’s best friend for years, but when the Piece Makers, Sweet Water’s own quilting and matchmaking group, ask her to help them match him up with the newly single mom in town, she just wants the man she’s loved for years to be happy, even if that’s with someone else.

When rancher and livestock auction owner, Colman Baldwin is asked to give riding lessons to the son of the newly single mom in town, he doesn’t hesitate to make time in his schedule to help out. That’s what small towns are for. He doesn’t realize he’s being set up. Maybe that’s why he’s falling for the wrong woman.

Soon, everyone in Sweet Water has a finger in the pie and everyone is holding their breath to see if the Piece Makers will have another successful match, or if a dark horse will ride in and steal the potential groom away.

Visit Sweet Water, North Dakota where faith, fun, and loads of laughter, and sweet romance brim over in every story.

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