Book Review: A Home of their Own by Samantha Price

A Home of Their Own: Amish Romance (The Amish Bonnet Sisters, #35)


A Home of Their Own: Amish Romance by Samantha Price
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Lots of plots

Boy, this one was full of plots and subplots. Malachi has been hiding a bunch of money from Cherish. Favor hides the deed to the farm so Harriet won’t follow her. At the very end it looks like Wilma may have a new love interest. The plots keep on thickening!
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Life and drama continue for the Baker/Bruner blended family in this 35th episode of The Amish Bonnet Sisters.

An unexpected quarrel between Favor and Simon puts their marriage in danger. Ada and Wilma are still having a good time at the farm, but Wilma says something inappropriate to the bishop’s wife, creating an uproar.

Back at home, Debbie has life-changing news to share.

Meanwhile, Krystal meets a most unlikely love interest. Is there any hope for this seemingly impossible match?

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