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Helping Joel


Helping Joel by Hannah Miller
My rating:5 of 5 stars
Now how did I know where this was going? Even for a novella class of Amish romance, this one had its share of side trips and extra characters. I enjoyed the story and of course, read it in one road trip.

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When Joel Troyner’s stepfather passes away, he takes on the responsibility of running not only his own farm but also that of his widowed mother. His three half-brothers do their best to help, but they’re simply too young. Joel’s mother is struggling, and he seeks help for her, using the wages he needed for a farm hand.

Louise Yutzy is desperate for a change and eagerly takes on the position offered by Joel. As time passes, she finds herself drawn to him, though he seems too caught up with his work to notice her. There’s a history of overworking in his family, and Louise worries Joel will become ill. When beautiful Denise shows up, vying for Joel’s affection, Louise fears all is lost.

Time passes with both Joe and Louise finishing long days exhausted as they face a never-ending list of trials. When Joel finds himself in a life-altering situation, it puts him even further behind—and it puts everything else into perspective. He prays he’s not too late to do what he should have done weeks before.


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