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August 18
Seekers, Finders
If thou seek him, he will be found of thee. (1 Chronicles 28:9)
We need our God; He is to be had for the seeking, and He will not deny Himself to any one of us if we
personally seek His face. It is not if thou deserve Him, or purchase His favor, but merely if thou “seek”
Him. Those who already know the Lord must go on seeking His face by prayer, by diligent service,
and by holy gratitude: to such He will not refuse His favor and fellowship. Those who, as yet, have not
known Him to their souls’ rest should at once commence seeking and never cease till they find Him
as their Savior, their Friend, their Father, and their God.
What strong assurance this promise gives to the seeker! “He that seeketh findeth.” You, yes you, if
you seek your God shall find Him. When you find Him you have found life, pardon, sanctification,
preservation, and glory. Will you not seek, and seek on, since you shall not seek in vain’ Dear friend,
seek the Lord at once. Here is the place, and now is the time. Bend that stiff knee; yes, bend that
stiffer neck, and cry out for God, for the living God. In the name of Jesus, seek cleansing and
justification. You shall not be refused. Here is David’s testimony to his son Solomon, and it is the
writer’s personal witness to the reader. Believe it and act upon it, for Christ’s sake.


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