Book Review: The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale by Jessie Gussman


The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale (Sweet Water Ranch, #6)


The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale by Jessie Gussman
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Okay, that happened So, the guy that is supposed to inherit Sweet Water Ranch stops on the highway to help a young woman change a tire. The whole story flows from there but the Cinderella vibe is very present. This will be the sixth 1 Billion dollar bequest in the end.
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*Previously titled Cowboy’s Don’t Believe in Fairy Tales*

He’s the billionaire heir of Sweet Water Ranch. His family is throwing a ball and he must choose a wife.

She’s too poor to attend the ball as a guest. But she can go as the hired help.

One magical dance and a case of mistaken identity later, and nothing is as it seems.

If he backs out, he loses everything.

She never had anything to lose, to begin with. Other than her soulmate.

Will he choose love over a multi-billion dollar business and the biggest ranch in North Dakota? Can she let him give up everything for her?

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