Book Review: Lake Shore Wandering by Jennifer Rodewald

                                                                                                                   Lake Shore Wandering (Redemption Shores #1)


Lake Shore Wandering by Jennifer Rodewald
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Relationships? I see fractured relationships all over this book. I’m trying to work out who exactly are the God-related people here. It is obvious that we are all human and sometimes we do things that are just wrong. I don’t know who is going to get together, but it looks like Hazel and Bennett will be the first two.

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Is love worth the gamble? And if so, will memory-restored Bennett still feel the same?

Hazel is working on a plan to keep her peaceful, remote life. When Bennet shows up pretending to be something he’s not, she knows she’s running out of time. Luckily for her, he hit his head and can’t remember a thing. With sudden inspiration thanks to an eighties rom-com, she’s got a whole new plan.

Convince Bennett they’re married? Check. Convince Bennett he belongs in Elk Canyon with her? That’s another task altogether . . . one that just might end up gambling her heart.

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