Book Review: The Cowboy’s Enemy by Jessie Gussman


The Cowboy’s Enemy (Sweet Water Ranch, #9)


The Cowboy’s Enemy by Jessie Gussman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Not really an enemy  Abner goes home to bury his grandmother, finds his mother in an alcoholic stupor, and Cora who was once a girlfriend herding 6 kids around. Read it for yourself but Abner’s character shines through. Read it for yourself, I’m downloading the next one.
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Can you love someone and hate them at the same time?

*Previously titled Cowboy’s Don’t Marry Their Enemy*

She led him on, lied about him, then dumped him for his cousin.

She was his enemy.

He walked.

But he loved her still.

Can people change?

Cora Fischer knew they could. Heartbreak, abject poverty, and a mother’s bear instincts to protect her children at all costs could turn a selfish, spoiled girl into a strong, formidable woman.

But first loves die hard.

They were enemies, never lovers, despite what she told her family and the town. She hated him then, and he hates her now.

But she can give him what he wants, and she’s willing to make a deal. Is she strong enough to conquer her foe and not destroy herself?

Or maybe she could write a new chapter: old enemies make the best husbands.

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