Book Review: The Thanksgiving Program by Hannah Miller


The Thanksgiving Program

The Thanksgiving Program by Hannah Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Wonderful!  A nice little tale about Thanksgiving and being grateful for others who may do things a little differently. And thanks to Ethel for finally turning the tide. Do married Amish Women still teach school?
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Irene never imagined her life would turn out the way it has. Is she destined to always be tossed from one sibling to another, caring for their children and households? Is there no room for her dream of a family of her own?

When a teaching opportunity comes about in another Amish community, Irene sees it as her way out. But once she secures the job, she comes up against a spinster teacher set like concrete in her ways, a group of parents who hardly give her a chance, and a handsome man whose disapproval vexes her at every turn.

When she suggests putting on a Thanksgiving program, she hopes to gain the community’s approval and the handsome man’s blessings, for she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. But things take a surprising turn.

Is this new life truly the key to everything Irene longs for? Or will the effort to gain it be too much for her to endure?

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