Book Review: Distracted by William by Hannah Miller


Distracted by William

Distracted by William by Hannah Miller
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Distraction! How often has a wayward eye or a cute new guy messed up a relationship? Rumor has it that the Plank family has moved from one Amish Community to another. William is the son and it turns out that he is the problem. He is attracted to unavailable women. He loves the pursuit but calls it off short of a commitment, ruining reputations and angering communities. Read on for the happier ending though.
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Eager to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish, Joyce Studer agrees to be courted by Andy Ramseyer. But soon after her promise, Joyce discovers her younger sister’s infatuation with Andy. How can she keep peace with her sister and still honor her grandfather’s wish? Her promise is challenged further when she meets newcomer William Plank, who appears to be completely captivated by her.

Andy and William are total opposites. While Joyce is drawn to Andy’s quiet dependability, she is also attracted to William’s adventurous spirit. Should she settle for solid and steady with Andy or take a risk with adventurous William?

Mysterious rumors begin to surface about William—disturbing reports that have everyone in the district on edge. Joyce doesn’t know what or whom to believe anymore. She can’t even trust her heart. Only a disaster gives her clarity—but then, it’s too late.

Grab this sweet and tender inspirational Amish Romance today.

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