Book Review: Gareth by Kimberly Rae Jordan

                                                                                                                                                             Gareth (The Halversons, #1)

Gareth by Kimberly Rae Jordan
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Jealousy, pride, Deception What a mix! Glad to see the new series following the previous one, including scriptures, prayer, church, and the distinct statement that we are not perfect, even as Christians. Lots of personal interaction, a couple of rescues, and a few jealous parties are involved. At its base, the author shows that trusting God helps which is awesome.
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Welcome to the fictional town of Serenity Point, Idaho, home to the large Halverson family.
A mixed family with both biological and adopted children,
their lives and relationships are held together by their love for each other and their faith.

Gareth Halverson has studied for years to become a doctor, planning one day to take over his parents’ clinic in Northern Idaho. As they shifted their focus to doing medical mission work, Gareth, along with two of his siblings, willingly stepped into their shoes at the clinic. It is his goal to keep the clinic running as smoothly as it did when his parents were in charge, and he will do anything to make sure that nothing affects the clinic—or the family name—negatively.

Aria Jensen has had a horrible couple of years. She’s suffered through a broken engagement and the loss of her job, but the one thing that has hurt the most is the death of her mom. Now alone in the world, when a friend from nursing school offers her the receptionist position at her family’s clinic in Idaho, Aria jumps at the chance. She hopes that it will be the start of things turning around for her. All she wants to do is leave behind the pain and step into a new happier chapter in her life.

Will a new beginning lead to a happy ending?

When Gareth and Aria first meet, there’s a strong spark of interest between them. Gareth has no problem dating someone who works at the clinic, considering his parents had worked there together, even though they were married. Together, Aria and Gareth are determined to not let their dating interfere with their work.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the clinic is welcoming to Aria, and soon Aria wonders if leaving her past in the past will be possible or if she is about to experience yet more loss and hurt.

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