Book Review: Writer in Residence by Paul Combs


Writer in Residence (The Last Word #2)


Writer in Residence by Paul Combs
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Adventures in Literature That was an interesting ride for a sequel. Writer in Residence continues the Last Word’s tale as the owners struggle to succeed against tall odds. When an author walks in one day, they create “Writer in Residence”. This is quite an interesting take on bookstores when chains replaced independents and online upstaged them. And now I want to know more about the lost manuscript. Excellent cliffhanger sir!
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Sal Terranova and Camden Templeton have survived their first year as co-owners of The Last Word Bookstore…barely. Just when things are starting to look almost normal, a stranger arrives and gives normal a whole new meaning. As Sal, Camden, and the rest of the staff are about to learn, books are one thing, but writers are something else entirely. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookstore…

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