Book Review: Benjamin’s New Beginning by Hannah Miller


Benjamin’s New Beginning

Benjamin’s New Beginning by Hannah Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Sorry, getting bored. A typical plot line, different characters, and locations don’t change the meet-cute turning to romance and happily ever after. Both characters have baggage they’ll have to get past, but that’s common too. It’s clean and it’s fun because it is Amish so nothing tawdry would happen.
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Evelyn Lantz’s widowed father has recently remarried. At 23, his new wife Greta is only a few months older than Evelyn herself. Yet she behaves like a spoiled child. Now she’s expecting a baby, and things are worse than ever.

Needing an escape, Evelyn goes to stay with her brother Dan and his family. Benjamin Glick, the cousin of Daniel’s wife Rachel, is staying there as well. Benjamin is there trying to get over his infatuation with a beautiful Englisch girl.

Evelyn finds Benjamin annoying and nosey, but she can’t deny he is also good-looking. She finds herself strangely drawn to him. When her brother Daniel is injured in an accident, Evelyn and Ben are forced to spend more time together taking care of the farm and the children. Much to Evelyn’s surprise, she enjoys Ben’s company, and she wonders whether it might lead to something more.

That is until Benjamin’s former Englisch girlfriend shows up and everything is thrown into disarray.

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