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Hi my Name is Bruce Dinsman (the older guy second from the right above).  

I am a 63-year-old Christian man, married 40 years with 3 grown children, 1 of whom is still at home going to college. I retired from the US Navy after 20 years in 1996. We have been residing on the island of Guam since 1990.

I am currently a Real Estate appraiser with about 25 years involved. I have been licensed (Residential only) since 2000. I started my own company Pacific Island Appraisals in 2004

I recommitted my life to God here in 1991. We attend Apostolic Bible Fellowship (UPCI affiliated) here on Guam where I serve on the finance committee and in the sound booth ministry.

I am also a cancer survivor. I lost my bladder and prostate to cancer just after my 50th birthday.  I am somewhat limited on physical activity, but walking, playing Pokemon, and interacting with my church people and my family take up my days when I am not doing appraisals or trying to write.

I have been trying my hand at writing on and off for about 25 years (see my Amazon Author page link below), and lately, I have been focusing on Bible-Based encouragement work, including this Blog. You can probably figure that out by the web address brucesbible. website and see the blog page title Guam Christian Blog.

My Daughter Loren also works with me on some of the posts and suggests multi-media support.

We currently have 9 dogs at our house (7 inside). You may have seen some of them in my posts. Once I figure out how to properly link things, I have been posting a lot of pictures on my Instagram so you can look at those if you like.

More about the family and our dogs  Family/Animals


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