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Daily Service – Holiness Part 3

PROGRESSIVE SANCTIFICATION in 3 sittings Subtitle Abide in Christ Source: The Christian life begins with regeneration whereby the Holy Spirit implants spiritual life in the believer. Sanctification begins at that same moment of the new birth and God progressively separates the new believer… Continue Reading “Daily Service – Holiness Part 3”

C.H. Spurgeon Around the Wicket Gate

Chapter Nine — On Raising Questions In these days, a simple, childlike faith is very rare; but the usual thing is to believe nothing, and question everything. Doubts are as plentiful as blackberries, and all hands and lips are stained with them. To me… Continue Reading “C.H. Spurgeon Around the Wicket Gate”

Into His Marvelous Light

Also from Pentecostal Publishing House I am working with several men who expressed an interest in knowing about what I believe. So I picked these up from church. It is a one hour Bible study called Into His Marvelous light. #Outreach: Meet them for… Continue Reading “Into His Marvelous Light”

Books on my Desk

These two just arrived from Pentecostal Publishing House On being Pentecostal – David K Bernard & Robin Johnston Apostolic Identity in a Post Modern World – David K Bernard #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook… Continue Reading “Books on my Desk”

Bible Study opportunity

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this, but my wife’s best friend’s son asked for me to do an introductory Bible Study. I have done Into His Marvelous Light several times but I got the updated handout from church today and decided to… Continue Reading “Bible Study opportunity”

Up to Speed ASAP . . . — Rip-Roar Get High On Life

I was not a total total newbie to the Bible, but not even close to knowing it. My opening of the Bible was pretty much that. I remember opening and reading some of the King James verses and realizing I understood almost nothing, but… Continue Reading “Up to Speed ASAP . . . — Rip-Roar Get High On Life”