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#Welcome all Nations

Yesterday was phenomenal, but I didn’t quite hit the 200 views mark yet. Thanks to VictoriousStories, fellow blogger who went back and like about 275 of my old posts yesterday. Thanks to all of you for your input and attention. July 4, 2019 Guam… Continue Reading “#Welcome all Nations”


Maybe possible. I have over 280 likes today, thanks to VictoriousStories. I will fix these posts up while I am at home but we are going downtown to see the fireworks at the carnival grounds. What else do you want to see today? Now… Continue Reading “200 views?”

#Welcome all nations

So July 3 was a little slower than usual but I am still recovering from whatever was bugging me. I was actually hungry for dinner last night when I had barely touched my lunch. Anyway our totals are: 85 view, 65 visitors, 19 likes,… Continue Reading “#Welcome all nations”

#Welcome all Nations

Yesterday was a low day because I wasn’t available. Total views 62 Visitors 51 likes 15. USA tops the list again at 29 views, Canada at 8 views for second, and 3 tied for third at 4 views: Bangladesh, India, United Kingdom. #Praise the… Continue Reading “#Welcome all Nations”

Coming attractions

My wife just showed me a link to an awesome YouTube video that would be a great morning kickoff tomorrow, it is also part of a channel you can subscribe to and I am going to ask if I can post one a day.… Continue Reading “Coming attractions”

#Welcome all nations, #Guam salutes you!

Blog news for June 30, 2019: 203 followers, 96 views, 76 visitors, 4 likes. USA tops the list again at 46 views, Canada 2nd at 20 views, India 3rd with 12 views, Philippines 4th with 6 views. So here’s the flags of the 4… Continue Reading “#Welcome all nations, #Guam salutes you!”

Okay bear with us folks

Apparently GTA flubbed an upgrade on my internet and now I have none, so I can’t fix my posts and I can’t research my Daily service entry. Thanks for the two new follows today and I officially hit the 200 follows badge from WordPress.… Continue Reading “Okay bear with us folks”

#Welcome all Nations

Well one milestone happened while I was sleeping…200 followers…thank you Yesterday 127 views: USA 70, India 21, Nigeria 11, and Canada 10 are the top 4. #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook Bruce’s Amazon… Continue Reading “#Welcome all Nations”

#Welcome all Nations

Well, yesterday almost blew out all my records. 154 views (14 short of my June 1 record 169 views), 3 new followers (now 198) And USA got tipped off the top view by India at 54, USA 53, Negeria 21, Bangladesh 7, Germany 4… Continue Reading “#Welcome all Nations”

Good Night from #Guam

I’m going to include a sunset picture on my phone that I forget about. I’ll say good night for now and pick this up early in the morning. I’m alway looking for ideas to improve the blog, so drop me a line if you… Continue Reading “Good Night from #Guam”