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Bible Journal Tours — A Farm Girls Life

Hello, dears! I started reading through the Bible for the second time a couple of years ago and decided I’d write down my favorite verse from each chapter as I went. I try to read a chapter + journal every night, so thus far… Continue Reading “Bible Journal Tours — A Farm Girls Life”

Books on my nightstand

Again, I am an avid reader. I love the Kindle app on my iPhone and iPad because I can read anywhere. I like to read before I sleep. I’m currently reading Behind her smile. Available from Amazon for Kindle or paperback #Praise the Lord… Continue Reading “Books on my nightstand”

Books on my nightstand

Needless to say if you know me very well, I read A LOT!  This is one I am reading in Kindle on my Ipad before bed. I have always like the historical Christian fiction from Brock and Bodie Thoene. I am currently reading The… Continue Reading “Books on my nightstand”

Books on my desk

I’m currently reading an ebook called They thought they had more time: I saw the Day of the Lord by David Jones Are you ready to meet the Lord? Are you sure? Maybe you should read this book too. #Praise the Lord Please follow… Continue Reading “Books on my desk”

131 Christians Everyone Should Know

Dorothy Sayers Mystery writer and apologist 1893-1957 “Man is never truly himself except when he is actively creating something.” She was summarizing a story others had criticized as dull: “So that is the outline of the official story—the talk of the time when God… Continue Reading “131 Christians Everyone Should Know”

Wordsearch free book Friday

  Every Friday we offer a free book until the following Monday with no strings attached.   This is just our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Wordsearch family!   I Am a Church Member   Bestselling author and… Continue Reading “Wordsearch free book Friday”

131 Christians Everyone Should Know

G.K. Chesterton “Enormous” Essayist, poet, writer 1874-1936 “What can one be but frivolous about serious things? Without frivolity they are simply too tremendous.” The life of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, like all lives, should not be summarized in a single word. Still, one asserts itself… Continue Reading “131 Christians Everyone Should Know”

Life Learner — Holy Sheepdip!

I’ve been moving away from the word “unschooling”. I’m just not comfortable with terming our learning as something containing the word “school”. Too often, society has the assumption that school is THE place where learning happens, and I know that isn’t true. I’m not… Continue Reading “Life Learner — Holy Sheepdip!”

131 Christians Everyone Should Know

Charles Spurgeon 1834-1892 “I am perhaps vulgar, but it is not intentional, save that I must and will make people listen.” When Charles Spurgeon died in January 1892, London went into mourning. Nearly 60,000 people came to pay homage during the three days his… Continue Reading “131 Christians Everyone Should Know”

Free book for Wordsearch users

Weekly Free Book! Thanks so much for being a Wordsearch user! We appreciate you! Download this free book by Monday to add to your library. Concerning Christian Liberty Martin Luther (Author) Reg: $4.95 Sale: Free #Praise The Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian… Continue Reading “Free book for Wordsearch users”