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Are there #Guam folks here?

Hey I noticed today that so far #Guam has showed up in my statistics 36 times. That means since the Blog has been here, people from #Guam have viewed the blog at least 36 times. I am increasing the #Guam visibility in the hope… Continue Reading “Are there #Guam folks here?”

Free Book from WordSearch Book from Wordsearch   DOWNLOAD NOW   The Message and the Messenger: A Guide to Basic Sermon Preparation & Ministry Protocol Retail Price: $9.95   Add to Your Wordsearch Library for FREE       Every Friday we offer a free book until… Continue Reading “Free Book from WordSearch” I got this link from Jemsbooks blog.  I just signed up and did my first review of an old classic from my elementary school days. Here’s the link on the review of Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson Goodreads/brucedinsman Please follow my blogs… Continue Reading “”

Wordsearch Free book

I just got a free book from (Bible program I use) Weekly Free Book! Thanks so much for being a Wordsearch user! We appreciate you! Download this free book by Monday to add to your library.   Please follow my blog  Guam Christian… Continue Reading “Wordsearch Free book”

How can I reach You?

Okay I’m looking for either input or validation. Most of my posts are God oriented and Bible based. How can I be more relevant without compromising my mission? Or should I ask, what would tickle your ears (having itching ears the heap unto themselves… Continue Reading “How can I reach You?”

Guam Writers Group

4 RSVP so far for this Friday’s meeting at Siesta Cafe at 7pm in upper Tumon. The group now has 18 members according to Writers Group Please follow my blog  Bruce’s Bible Blog See my Amazon Author Page: Bruce’s Amazon Author Page Bruce’s Facebook… Continue Reading “Guam Writers Group”

What are you reading?

Sounds familiar right? Well here I am, asking again.  Still looking for some inputs about what you are reading and what it is doing for you. So what are you reading? Books on my nightstand Bible/Bible Study 1-3 hours a day. Bible versions I… Continue Reading “What are you reading?”

Encouraging writers who are afraid to write

Do you think you want to write something but you keep stopping? Are you listening to an inner voice or external voices that say you aren’t good enough?  I have and still do at times. This is the advice I gave to a local… Continue Reading “Encouraging writers who are afraid to write”

Writing/book projects

I updated Thoughts (Daily Service 1) and Daily service 2 on Amazon to improve readability yesterday and today. One Year Bible got finished today December 8. Still working on Stained Glass Stories Volume 1, Under Bridge (one Chapter so far). I am continuing with… Continue Reading “Writing/book projects”

MEETUP.COM/Guam Writers Group

Guam Writers Club 2nd biweekly meeting tonight, 4 attended.  We talked about current projects and I encouraged everyone to keep writing, consider epublishing (KDP.COM), and creating a buzz by blogging(, (point of fact my BrucesBible.Website just recorded a banner day) Ideas: if you… Continue Reading “MEETUP.COM/Guam Writers Group”