Daily Service: Oh the Glory

INVITE HIS PRESENCE We haven’t done this song in our church recently, but it resonates in my mind this morning.  There was a time I didn’t like this song because my background and religious training did not involve seeking the presence of the Lord… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Oh the Glory”


DAY 52 USE ME LORD I wrote this a few days ago after our Youth Pastor challenged all of us to pray for our purpose and God’s leading to carry it out. My wife and I were out at lunch today when her shirt… Continue Reading “USE ME LORD”

Such as I have

DAY 51 SUCH AS I HAVE Are you listening to a Gracious Giving Loving who offers you a blessed life and a rich eternity, or are you hearing Satan and his lies telling you what you can’t have? Acts 3:6 NKJV Then Peter said,… Continue Reading “Such as I have”

Church organization

DAY 50 What say you?  Paul is instructing Timothy concerning administration of the church.  This is not our yardstick for others but four ourselves.  Tell me what you think?  Keep in mind I am asking your opinion about the conduct of the body of… Continue Reading “Church organization”

Daily Service: He Knows

Daily Service He Knows I awoke on a busy Sunday morning. As I was getting ready for church this song was running through my head. Actually I also felt Satan was in the mix too because I was getting “God knows you aren’t perfect”. To… Continue Reading “Daily Service: He Knows”

Finally Brethren

DAY 47 Finally Brethren  My wife just posted a picture on Facebook from her devotions this morning.  We had this verse in a message in the past 2 weeks at church and I wanted to get back to the context and see what came… Continue Reading “Finally Brethren”

God Shine through me

Daily Service – GOD SHINE THROUGH ME  A song we sing in church was running through my mind this morning during my devotions, so I went looking for the passage the song was written on.  What I found was so much more.  Why are… Continue Reading “God Shine through me”


DAY 45 CITY ON A HILL Casting Crowns sings this song and it burdens my heart and makes me sing with Joy at the same time. Look at the lyrics, listen to the song. What does the Holy Spirit tell you about yourself and… Continue Reading “CITY ON A HILL”

Daily Service: Love one another

Daily Service – Love one Another LOVE How do you suppose Jesus wanted to set us apart from other religions (Pagan, Jewish or some other kind)? He said “this is how you shall be known as my disciples, that you love one another” John… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Love one another”


Daily Service – ARE YOU READY? I had another discussion with another end times focus group.  We went back and forth with scriptures to support Pre-Trib rapture, Mid-trib Rapture and End of tribulation Rapture.  I removed myself from the discussion with one question: Why does… Continue Reading “ARE YOU READY?”