Daily Service: Blessing

Day 67 Blessings  I’ve been posting this for years as my birthday blessing. I wanted to pass this on to all my online crowd. For the Christians: God wants you to pass His blessings on to people that need them. For those of you… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Blessing”

Daily Service: God is God (and I am not)

Day 66 God is God  And I am not.  Above all else, God is greater than any god thing I can think up, or create, or serve.  I had this song “Who?” from the Newsboys running in my head before church yesterday, then I… Continue Reading “Daily Service: God is God (and I am not)”

Daily Service: Religion or Relationship?

DAY 65 Religion or Relationship  I heard a message on the radio on my way to church and I had a hard time paying attention in service because this message was pounding on my head.  Acts 9:1 – Saul is a devout Jew who… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Religion or Relationship?”

Daily Service: Bible Version?

DAY 64 What version do you read and why?  First, be aware that some newer translations take passages out of the Bible in areas that weaken the message doctrinally.  I tend to use the Geneva Bible and KJV, but sometimes use the Amplified to… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Bible Version?”

Daily Service: Holy Ghost?

DAY 63 HAVE YOU RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST SINCE YOU BELIEVED?  This is for my young Christian friend at the Naval Hospital. I know you search the scriptures daily and I know we left a conversation open, so I would like to direct your… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Holy Ghost?”

Daily Service: God Loves You

DAY 6  YES, HE LOVES YOU!  I read a post today reminding me that God loves me unconditionally, no matter what. I agree with that sentiment, but I tend to “Be Ye Holy for I am Holy”.  God loves you, but you have to… Continue Reading “Daily Service: God Loves You”

Daily Service: To know Him

DAY 62 Know Him After another conversation with a person I have been trying to encourage for years, I thought I would share a few things she didn’t want to hear. God Loves YOU Daily Service: God Loves You God is Faithful  Daily Service: God is… Continue Reading “Daily Service: To know Him”

Daily Service: God is Faithful

But God is faithful In case you didn’t know or had forgotten and you have lost your hope, hear this please: GOD IS FAITHFUL 1 Corinthians 10:13 NKJV No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful,… Continue Reading “Daily Service: God is Faithful”

Daily Service: There is a God

DAY 60 There is a God I woke up this morning, You were on my mind Lord. This song (There is a God) was running through my head. For all of you who read this please know this: I don’t want to beat you… Continue Reading “Daily Service: There is a God”

Daily Service: ONE

ONE If we are the Body, why aren’t we together in agreement, together in purpose, together in Love? Because we are still battling our flesh, and our soul needs to be fed by a Holy Spirit infilling.  In other words, without God inside, it… Continue Reading “Daily Service: ONE”