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The Consequences of an Unthankful Heart — The Domain for Truth

There’s a lot of discussions of root causes these days in politics, society, etc. I think the root cause for many ills are spiritual. Its the lack of thanksgiving to God. This is what the Bible teaches. Hear Romans 1:21-27=  For even though they… Continue Reading “The Consequences of an Unthankful Heart — The Domain for Truth”

Pinterest Inspire: Giving

I kept hearing this concept and liked it so this morning I went looking for it. I am reblogging the article I found. It is actually focused around the holiday season but the concept is eloquently illustrated “When You Have More Than You Need,… Continue Reading “Pinterest Inspire: Giving”

Giving Without Expectation – Jack Flacco

MY JOURNEY Posted on June 17, 2019 by Jack Flacco The more a person gives, the more a person reaps. No one knew this more than Jesus, for He had given his life freely, and by doing so, He ultimately reaped eternity. Few commands are as bold, as… Continue Reading “Giving Without Expectation – Jack Flacco”