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Daily Service: Digging for Wisdom 2

Daily Service: Digging for Wisdom 2 Previous Updated for Volume 10 I have heard people say, as even I do at times, that some Bible passages just do not  make sense.  Like here in Proverbs, two verses right next to each other seem to… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Digging for Wisdom 2”

Daily Service – Greatest commandment (2)

Daily Service – Greatest commandment (2) Updated for Volume 10 Okay so here is part 2. If you missed it, look for yesterday’s post here. Jesus condensed the Law (500 plus individual requirements) to the 10 commandments Moses carried down the mountain to just… Continue Reading “Daily Service – Greatest commandment (2)”

Today’s theme Song: The Great Adventure

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman album: “The Great Adventure” (1992) “The Great Adventure” Saddle up your horses Started out this morning in the usual wayChasing thoughts inside my headI thought I had to do todayAnother time around the circleTry to make it better than the lastI opened… Continue Reading “Today’s theme Song: The Great Adventure”

Daily Service – Greatest commandment (1)

Daily Service – Greatest commandment (1) Updated for Volume 10 I will do this in two sittings because I want you to consider both of these commandments carefully. Jesus condensed the Law (500 plus individual requirements) to the 10 commandments Moses carried down the… Continue Reading “Daily Service – Greatest commandment (1)”

Daily Service: Keep me humble Lord

This song keeps running through my mind and I was trying to research scriptures when the thought occurred to me that the song is about staying humble before God. I give you this scripture and this song, and I say: You think about that,… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Keep me humble Lord”


Daily Service: WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING  – PROVERBS 24:11-12; MARK 10:46-49 January 9, 2017 by Jesse Campbell It started so elegantly but it ended up looking like the keystone cops taking over Christmas Eve. Gavin, the pastor was perplexed when he looked out among the… Continue Reading “Daily Service: WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING”

Daily Service Discerning of Spirits

From Daily Service 3 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 (ESV) Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all… Continue Reading “Daily Service Discerning of Spirits”

Daily Service: We are the Reason

David Meece wrote this song. Meece explained to CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music that this song talks about why Jesus came to earth in the first place. Said Meece: “The most important thing in the song ‘We Are the Reason’ is how… Continue Reading “Daily Service: We are the Reason”

Daily Service: God loved you first

Updated for Volume 10 Before you judge another man for what you may have done yourself, remember that God loved you first, when you were in sin, when you were not worthy of redemption, He loved you and redeemed you. You can never be… Continue Reading “Daily Service: God loved you first”

Daily Service: Reconciliation

Updated for Volume 10 I think I am really focused on a “ministry of reconciliation”. Paul is reminding the church at Corinth that because Christ saved them, they are a new creation. Part of their responsibility is to go and tell others what Christ… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Reconciliation”