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Today’s Theme Song: Jesus Lover of my soul

Jesus Lover of My Soul Darlene Zschech Jesus, lover of my soul Jesus, I will never let You go You’ve taken me from the miry clay You’ve set my feet upon the rock And now I know I love you (I love you) I… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Jesus Lover of my soul”

Today’s Theme Song: Our God

“Our God Is Greater” A song by: Chris Tomlim Water You turned into wine Open the eyes of the blind There’s no one like You None like You Into the darkness You shining Out of the ashes we rise There’s no one like You… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Our God”

Today’s Theme Song: In Jesus’ Name

“In Jesus’ Name” God is fighting for us God is on our side He has overcome Yes He has overcome We will not be shaken We will not be moved Jesus You are here [x2] Carrying our burdens Covering our shame He has overcome… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: In Jesus’ Name”

Today’s Theme Song: If we’re Honest

“If We’re Honest” Truth is harder than a lie The dark seems safer than the light And everyone has a heart that loves to hide I’m a mess and so are you We’ve built walls nobody can get through Yeah, it may be hard,… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: If we’re Honest”

Today’s Theme song If we are the body

“If We Are The Body” It’s crowded in worship today As she slips in Trying to fade into the faces The girls’ teasing laughter is carrying Farther than they know Farther than they know But if we are the body Why aren’t his arms… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme song If we are the body”

Song Extra: Hall of Faith

Carman – Hall of Faith Album: Carman Yo Kidz By faith Abraham refused to say his life was done By faith When he was a hundred Abe went and had a son By faith Moses snatched the Israelites From Pharaoh’s hand By faith Moses… Continue Reading “Song Extra: Hall of Faith”

Today’s Theme Song: Morning

Morgan Harper Nichols – Morning Artist: Morgan Harper Nichols Album: Morgan Harper Nichols I made a mess of my yesterday. I gave it my best and still made mistakes. But praise God for mercy. It’s new everyday. And I know that You’re with me cause I’m… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Morning”

Today’s Theme Song: One Shot

“One Shot” All around the world Every boy, every girl’s got one shot Believers, let me hear you shout Hey, hey You could find me living in the city of D.C. Found my freedom in the rhythm of the back beat Got placed to… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: One Shot”

Good Night from #Guam

Well Good Night all my faithfuls. I am heading for bed. Yes please keep my wife in prayer in the morning, she has a CT scan to update her cancer profile. Oyasuminasai soshite amai yume Good Night May your sleep be undisturbed as you… Continue Reading “Good Night from #Guam”

Today’s theme song: When the boys light up

When The Boys Light Up (Newsboys) Title: When The Boys Light Up Artist: Newsboys Album: Born Again Released: 2010 “When The Boys Light Up” When the boys light up, light up When the boys light up, light up When the boys light up, light… Continue Reading “Today’s theme song: When the boys light up”