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Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

Michael W Smith Agnus Dei “Agnus Dei” Alleluia Alleluia For the Lord God Almighty reigns Alleluia Alleluia For the Lord God Almighty reigns Alleluia Holy Holy are You Lord God Almighty Worthy is the Lamb Worthy is the Lamb You are holy Holy are… Continue Reading “Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)”

Today’s Theme Song: Greater is He GREATER IS HE Verse One: Satan’s like a roaring lion roaming to and fro’ Seeing whom he may devour, the Bible tells us so Many souls have been his prey to fall in some weak hour But God has promised us today His… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Greater is He”

Let’s go into the House of Praise

#listening to Carman “House of Praise” on our way to Church ⛪️ . Who is with me? Carman Live & Reloaded House of Praise Please follow my blog  Guam Christian Blog See my Amazon Author Page: Bruce’s Amazon Author Page Bruce’s Facebook 1 Year… Continue Reading “Let’s go into the House of Praise”

Today’s Theme song: The Anchor Holds

THE ANCHOR HOLDS I have journeyed through the long dark night Out on the open sea, by faith alone Sight unknown; and yet His eyes were watching me The anchor holds Though the ship is battered The anchor holds Though the sails are torn… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme song: The Anchor Holds”

Today’s Theme Song: We’re the people of God

Carman: We’re the People of God We’re the people of God and we’re here to say Living for the Lord is the better way We’re the people of God and we’re on a quest Raising up a banner of righteousness Full of hope, faith… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: We’re the people of God”

Today’s Theme Song: In Jesus Name

Hill Song – In Jesus Name compilation: “In Jesus’ Name: A Legacy Of Worship & Faith” (2015) The intro on the YouTube video hooked me.  We sing this one in church right now, but I love the Hillsong Live version a lot. “In Jesus’ Name” God… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: In Jesus Name”

Ancient of days

Blessing and honor, glory and power Be unto the Ancient of Days From every nation, all of creation Bow before the Ancient of Days Every tongue in heaven and earth Shall declare Your glory Every knee shall bow at Your throne in worship You… Continue Reading “Ancient of days”

Daily Service: Let there be Light

Daily Service: Let there be Light It took me a while to locate the lyrics and video for this song because it starts with a traditional Christmas Song that leads into this. What drove me was the Genesis (origin) passage: Genesis 1:3 (KJV) And… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Let there be Light”

Fill my Cup

I was praying this evening (my church encourages evening prayers in our homes) and this song came to mind as tears filled my eyes and I thanked God for his Spirit in my life. FILL MY CUP (Richard Blanchard 1925-2004) 1 Like the woman… Continue Reading “Fill my Cup”

Rise Up ye people of Zion

Praise and worship from my early days in a Pentecostal Church.  I can’t remember the rest or find a source online. Rise up ye people of zion Rise up O army of God Rise up ye people of Zion Come march at his command… Continue Reading “Rise Up ye people of Zion”