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Song/Scripture favorites

Do you have one? Here’s my absolute favorite: Jaci Velasquez – God So Loved

You got me and Jesus

Waking up with a song in my heart. Today it was Stellar Kart – “You got me and Jesus”   Someone loves you even when you don’t think so don’t you know You got me and Jesus By your side through the fight you… Continue Reading “You got me and Jesus”

Let everthing that has breath

Hillsong: “Everything That Has Breath” Praise Him in the sanctuary Praise Him in the mighty heavens Praise Him All the earth praise Him Praise Him in His awesome power Praise His great and holy Name Praise Him The whole world praise Him From the… Continue Reading “Let everthing that has breath”

Thank You Lord

Don Moen “Thank You Lord”   I come before You today And there’s just one thing that I want to say Thank You Lord Thank You Lord For all You’ve given to me For all the blessings I can not see Thank You Lord… Continue Reading “Thank You Lord”

Tick Tock

Chris Rice – Tick Tock Lyrics Got our heels dug in But time is draggin’ us toward The time when time won’t matter anymore They say life is but a vapor Just a blip on a radar screen Not the dates on your tombstone But… Continue Reading “Tick Tock”

Ancient of Days

#Singing Blessing and Honor Glory and Power Be unto the ancient of days From every nation all of creation Bow before the ancient of days Every tongue in heaven and earth Shall declare your glory Every knee shall bow at Your Throne In worship… Continue Reading “Ancient of Days”

Daily Service: BELIEVE IT

First you believe it, then you receive it We’ve been singing this song in church and it disturbs me. Scripture teaches us that you must first believe that God is, then receive the blessing or freedom or healing. Healing is here healing is here… Continue Reading “Daily Service: BELIEVE IT”

Daily Service: Oh the Glory

INVITE HIS PRESENCE We haven’t done this song in our church recently, but it resonates in my mind this morning.  There was a time I didn’t like this song because my background and religious training did not involve seeking the presence of the Lord… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Oh the Glory”

Daily Service: He Knows

Daily Service He Knows I awoke on a busy Sunday morning. As I was getting ready for church this song was running through my head. Actually I also felt Satan was in the mix too because I was getting “God knows you aren’t perfect”. To… Continue Reading “Daily Service: He Knows”