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Today’s Theme Song: no stone to throw

Sierra – No Stone To Throw Artist: Sierra Album: Sierra Maggie lives on Second Street Downtown by the river She looks away from everyone she meets They’ve got no time to give her Because on her shoulder is a scarlet letter And nobody told her she… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: no stone to throw”

Daily Service: Prodigal

Pray for the prodigals in your life. Call them back to the loving arms of Jesus. 🙌🙌 Read Luke 15:11-32 if you don’t recognize it.  Pray for the brethren that have left the church.   Read the story again:  the father in this story… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Prodigal”

God Says you are

I just caught a live broadcast on Facebook that sent me to a great page for you to bookmark: JesusDidIt.Org Who_Does_the_Bible_say_you_are #Praise The Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook 1 Year Bible on Bruce’s Amazon… Continue Reading “God Says you are”

Today’s Theme song: Give me your eyes

“Give Me Your Eyes” Looked down from a broken sky Traced out by the city lights My world from a mile high Best seat in the house tonight Touched down on the cold black top Hold on for the sudden stop Breathe in the… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme song: Give me your eyes”

Reach out

I got this video from Facebook friend Kathy Dunn.  I pray it touches your heart like it did mine.  If all of us would make just the slightest effort to care about another person like we care about ourselves, we’d all be just a… Continue Reading “Reach out”

Invisible Scars

Invisible scars PTSD night terrors Hyper vigilance Feeling disconnected Can’t relate Do you know someone who has had a traumatic experience (not necessarily combat related)? Do they have trouble sleeping, problems with relationships, trust issues? If you knew this person before, are they dramatically… Continue Reading “Invisible Scars”

You are Never Too Broken

Coming from a background of worldly upbringing, with parents that indulged in worldly practices, the word “broken” or “flawed” came up regularly. But since becoming a child of God, ongoing study of the scriptures have instilled in me desire to share this with you.… Continue Reading “You are Never Too Broken”

Today’s Theme Song: In Jesus Name

Hill Song – In Jesus Name compilation: “In Jesus’ Name: A Legacy Of Worship & Faith” (2015) The intro on the YouTube video hooked me.  We sing this one in church right now, but I love the Hillsong Live version a lot. “In Jesus’ Name” God… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: In Jesus Name”