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#Welcome all Nations

Well one milestone happened while I was sleeping…200 followers…thank you Yesterday 127 views: USA 70, India 21, Nigeria 11, and Canada 10 are the top 4. #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook Bruce’s Amazon… Continue Reading “#Welcome all Nations”

Feedback requested

It seems my choice of Theme songs isn’t resonating with many (currently least liked posts). Do you not want to see Music posts?  Do you have any requests that I may be able to do in future posts?  Should I be doing something else?… Continue Reading “Feedback requested”

Input please

Looking for feedback to make this blog appeal to a larger audience without compromising good Christian standards. Specifically, today, I would like nominations for the theme song of the day.  I really like the choices I’ve been posting but two of my favorites didn’t… Continue Reading “Input please”

Time Zones

Can I please ask all of my “followers” to tell me what time zone they are in? I am trying to figure out the best time to do posts so they don’t get buried in the reader before you get to it.  For example… Continue Reading “Time Zones”

Input, please?

As I was reviewing my blog stats for today, I noticed that the Coffee post kept racking up likes, where the Holy Spirit only received a few. Is it because coffee is something we all like, and the Holy Spirit is not an easy… Continue Reading “Input, please?”

Quiet day

Was it something I said? Never mind I’ll pick this up in the morning. Time for some intense prayer asking God what he wants me to do

Thank you all

Thanks to all of you who have viewed my posts, liked my posts, commented on my posts and comments, and followed my blog this week. We’ve had another banner week here. And thanks for all the new follows. Un Dangkulu na Si Yu’us ma’ase… Continue Reading “Thank you all”

Website updated

With the help of my family and lot of good ideas and support, I’ve been updating the site that supports this blog, so I’d like to some of my followers to back out of the reader and bring up Guam Christian Blog I’ve added… Continue Reading “Website updated”