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Graphics help

Shout out to all my blogger pals: I have an idea for a series of short posts. The image in my mind is highway billboards when I was growing up. Does anybody know where I can get an editable jpg of gif image of… Continue Reading “Graphics help”

Daily Service – No roaming charges

Daily Service – No roaming charges I was going through a bunch of boards on Pinterest dedicated to church signs that range from funny to politically incorrect.  Not judging anybody. But I came across one that said “God doesn’t have roaming charges”.  Now if… Continue Reading “Daily Service – No roaming charges”

Positive news: Nigeria

Teen Girls from Nigeria Invent a Pee-Powered Generator by Beth Buczynski We often assume that revolutionary technological advancements are the stuff of MIT scientists or Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, but that’s not always the case. All it takes to change the world is a good… Continue Reading “Positive news: Nigeria”

Global warming is BOGUS

Watch this video, listen to his data and his qualifications. All the models are wrong, Parameterizing (scientific lying), the scientists are directing the models and the true data shows it to not be true. Fact: temperatures have risen less than 1 degree Celsius in… Continue Reading “Global warming is BOGUS”

Today’s Theme Song: Ones and Zeroes

Stellar Kart – Ones and Zeroes Artist: Stellar Kart Album: God’s Not Dead (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) Ashes to ashes, we all fall down Dust to dust, scattered on the ground Living in the shadows Where fear can’t fight A hope of redemption None left behind… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Ones and Zeroes”

Human ingenuity

I’m just going to let the link do the talking, but I really appreciate a young man who persevered and made things better for a lot of people.  But I also want to point out the media blackout about this story because it doesn’t… Continue Reading “Human ingenuity”

Social platforms glitchy

I have from various sources that Facebook, Instagram, and now WhatsApp are having problems And I just heard the CEO resigned.  I wonder if it was a hack or a glitch? It means the servers all crashed. Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog… Continue Reading “Social platforms glitchy”

Rotary phone baffles teens

Originally posted on Windwhistle:
If you’re of a certain age, you’re going to love this. Were rotary phones really that complicated? Am I really that old? The first push-button phones were introduced in 1963 but did not become common in the US until the…

Modern technology makes God more accessible.

So let’s talk about that.  Is the Internet that big light in the darkness or just a way of communicating that big light? AVALON – Light a Candle Light a candle For the old man who sits staring Out a frosty windowpane Light a… Continue Reading “Modern technology makes God more accessible.”