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Today’s Theme Song: Awesome

Artist: Charles Jenkins album: “The Best Of Both Worlds” (2012) “Awesome” My God is awesomeHe can move mountainsKeep me in the valleyHide me from the rain My God is awesomeHeals me when I’m brokenGives strength where I’ve been weakenedForever He will reign My God is awesomeHe… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Awesome”

Today’s Theme Song: This I Believe (The Creed)

Artist: Hillsong live album: “No Other Name” (2014) “This I Believe (The Creed)” Our Father everlastingThe all creating OneGod Almighty Through Your Holy SpiritConceiving Christ the SonJesus our Savior I believe in God our FatherI believe in Christ the SonI believe in the Holy SpiritOur God… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: This I Believe (The Creed)”

Music Mix: Mighty to save – Hillsong

#GIVETHANKS #Outreach: That the world may know #Prayer Focus: Pray for Our Prodigals #Praise the Lord Please follow my blog  Guam Christian Blog Please follow my blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook Featured book: Twitter: @bad671 Instagram: Younow: Pinterest:… Continue Reading “Music Mix: Mighty to save – Hillsong”

Today’s Theme Song: Don’t save it all for Christmas Day

Artist: Avalon album: “Joy – A Christmas Collection” (2000) “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day” Don’t get so busy that you missGiving just a little kiss to the ones you loveDon’t even wait a little whileTo give them just a little smile, a little is… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Don’t save it all for Christmas Day”

Today’s Theme Song: In the Light

Artist: DC Talk album: “Jesus Freak” (1995)  “In The Light”(originally by Charlie Peacock) (1, 2, 3) I keep trying to find a lifeOn my own, apart from YouI am the king of excusesI’ve got one for every selfish thing I do What’s going on inside of… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: In the Light”

Extra Christmas Song: Light a Candle

Artist: Avalon album: “Joy – A Christmas Collection” (2000) “Light A Candle” Light a candleFor the old man who sits staringOut a frosty windowpane Light a candleFor the woman who is lonelyAnd every Christmas is the same For the children who needMore than presents can bring… Continue Reading “Extra Christmas Song: Light a Candle”

Today’s Theme Song: Come Now is the time to Worship

Artist: Phillips Craig and Dean album: “Let My Words Be Few” (2001) “Come, Now Is The Time To Worship” Come, now is the time to worship.Come, now is the time to give your heart.Come, just as you are, to worship.Come, just as you are, before your… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Come Now is the time to Worship”

Today’s Theme Song: Here I am to Worship

Artist: Chris Tomlin live album: “Our Love Is Loud” (2002) “Here I Am To Worship”(with Passion)(originally by Tim Hughes) Light of the world, You stepped down into darknessOpened my eyes, let me seeBeauty that made this heart adore YouHope of a life spent with You And… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Here I am to Worship”

Today’s Theme Song: Thankful

Artist: Josh Groban album: “Noël” (2007) “Thankful” Somedays we forgetTo look around usSomedays we can’t seeThe joy that surrounds usSo caught up inside ourselvesWe take when we should give. So for tonight we pray forWhat we know can be.And on this day we hope forWhat we… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Thankful”

Today’s Theme Song: I Will Enter His Gates

He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter His Gates) The Maranatha! Singers Buy This Song The Maranatha! Singers I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart I will enter His courts with praise I will say this is the day that the Lord… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: I Will Enter His Gates”