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Today’s Theme Song: Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Artist: Newsboys album: “Devotion” (2004) “Blessed Be Your Name” Blessed be Your nameIn the land that is plentifulWhere your streams of abundance flowBlessed be Your name And blessed be Your nameWhen I’m found in the desert placeThough I walk through the wildernessBlessed be Your name [Pre-Chorus:]Every… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Blessed be the Name of the Lord”

Today’s Theme Song: Who Am I

Artist: Casting Crowns album: “Casting Crowns” (2003) “Who Am I” Who am I, that the Lord of all the earthWould care to know my name,Would care to feel my hurt?Who am I, that the Bright and Morning StarWould choose to light the wayFor my ever wandering… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Who Am I”

Extra Song: Light a Candle

Artist: Avalon album: “Joy – A Christmas Collection” (2000) “Light A Candle” Light a candleFor the old man who sits staringOut a frosty windowpane Light a candleFor the woman who is lonelyAnd every Christmas is the same For the children who needMore than presents can bring… Continue Reading “Extra Song: Light a Candle”

Today’s Theme Song: Never alone

Artist: Barlow Girl album: “Barlow Girl” (2004) “Never Alone” I waited for you todayBut you didn’t showNo no noI needed You todaySo where did You go?You told me to callSaid You’d be thereAnd though I haven’t seen YouAre You still there? I cried out with no… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Never alone”

Music mix: Awesome God

Artist: Carrie Underwood album: “My Savior” (2021) “How Great Thou Art” O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonderConsider all the worlds Thy Hands have madeI see the stars, I hear the rolling thunderThy power throughout the universe displayed Then sings my soul, My Saviour… Continue Reading “Music mix: Awesome God”

Today’s Theme Song: Come Just as you are

Artist: WOW Album: WOW Worship Green COME JUST AS YOU ARE Come just as you areHear the Spirit callCome just as you areCome and see, come receive,Come and live forever Come just as you areHear the Spirit callCome just as you areCome and see, come receive,Come… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Come Just as you are”

Today’s Theme song: Strong Tower

Artist: Kutless album: “Strong Tower” (2005) “Strong Tower” When I wander through the desertAnd I’m longing for my homeAll my dreams have gone astrayWhen I’m stranded in the valleyAnd I’m tired and all aloneIt seems like I’ve lost my way I go running to your mountainWhere… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme song: Strong Tower”

Today’s Theme Song: Because of You

Artist: Eddie James Album: Life BECAUSE OF YOU Every time I lift my hands it’s because of YouEvery time I lift my voice it’s because of YouEvery time I give You praise it’s because of YouEvery time I bless your name it’s because of… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Because of You”

Today’s Theme Song: Oh the Glory

Oh, the glory of Your presence We Your temple Give You reverence Come and rise from Your rest And be blessed by our praise As we glory in Your embrace As Your presence Now fills this place Come and rise from Your rest And… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Oh the Glory”

Today’s Theme Song: You don’t have to yell

Artist: Chris Rice album: “What A Heart Is Beating For” (2007) YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL So called reality right there on my TVIf that’s how life’s supposed to beWell, somebody’s lyin’The camera’s on and we can tellTo keep your fame you have to yell ‘Cause… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: You don’t have to yell”